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Exam Code: 1Y0-201Exam Name: Managing Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 SolutionsCertification Provider: CitrixCorresponding Certification: CCA-VKeywords: 1Y0-201 Exam Dumps,1Y0-201 Practice Tests,1Y0-201 Practice Exams,1Y0-201 Exam Questions,1Y0-201 PDF,1Y0-201 VCE Free,1Y0-201 Book,1Y0-201 E-Book,1Y0-201 Study Guide,1Y0-201 Braindump,1Y0-201 Prep Guide   QUESTION 121What is true about users' access to Desktop OS machines when the XenDesktop SQL Server is offline? A.    New users may start sessions.B.    Only anonymous users may start new sessions.C.    Users may only start a new session to Desktop OS machines.D.    Users who have connected to their Desktop OS machine in the last 14 days are able to start sessions. Answer: D QUESTION 122Scenario: Due to changes in the network infrastructure, the IP addresses of the Delivery Controllers will be changing. There are 2000 Desktop OS machines in the environment.What should a Citrix Administrator do to reduce the impact of the IP address changes on the environment? A.    Update the beacons in StoreFront to reflect the updated IP addresses.B.    Change the DNS entries for the Delivery Controllers to the new IP addresses.C.    Run the Provisioning Services Configuration Wizard and update the IP addresses of the Delivery Controllers.D.    Remove the Delivery Controller from the site, change the host file entries, and add the Delivery Controller back to the site. Answer: B QUESTION 123Scenario: A Citrix Administrator uses Citrix Director to determine that user logon times have increased by two minutes in the last three months. The administrator wants to resolve this issue before the delay further impacts users.Which action could the administrator take to reduce the logon times? A.    Configure Folder Redirection.B.    Update Citrix Receiver on the endpoint.C.    Increase RAM on the Desktop OS machine.D.    Configure Citrix Profile Manager Active Writeback. Answer: A QUESTION 124A Citrix Administrator identifies that Citrix Studio CANNOT communicate with the Delivery Controller database. Which port may be blocked, preventing Citrix Studio from being able to connect to the database? A.    443B.    1433C.    1494D.    27000 Answer: B QUESTION 125Which three 60-minute historical trends can a Citrix Administrator view when using Citrix Director? (Choose three.) A.    CPU usageB.    Machine failuresC.    License checkoutsD.    Connection failuresE.     Concurrent sessionsF.     Memory consumption Answer: BDE QUESTION 126Scenario: A Citrix Administrator replaces the production StoreFront server with a new StoreFront server. Users access their resources from StoreFront through NetScaler. Which NetScaler policy must the administrator modify in order to allow users to continue to access resources securely from external locations? A.    TrafficB.    SessionC.    AuthorizationD.    Authentication Answer: B QUESTION 127The Sales team requests that a Citrix Administrator enhance the user experience on tablet devices. Which policy setting should the administrator enable to meet the requirements of the Sales team? A.    Multimedia ConferencingB.    Flash Content RedirectionC.    Windows Media RedirectionD.    Launch touch-optimized desktop Answer: D QUESTION 128A Citrix Administrator needs to ensure that individual support teams are only able to control the delivery groups for their units. Which feature should the administrator configure to ensure that the appropriate teams have administrator access to the desktops for their particular unit? A.    ScopesB.    Exclusion filtersC.    User assignmentD.    SmartAccess settings Answer: A QUESTION 129An Citrix Administrator needs to create a catalog. Provisioning services-based virtual machines will be imported into the catalog. Which machine type must the administrator select when creating the catalog? A.    PooledB.    ExistingC.    StreamedD.    Dedicated Answer: C QUESTION 130Which two methods could a Citrix Administrator use to ensure that users are able to launch multiple virtual desktop sessions? (Choose two.) A.    Change the 'Desktops per user' setting in the delivery groups settings.B.    Give the user multiple devices so that they can have a session open on each.C.    Create two host connections from the Delivery Controller to different hypervisors.D.    Create two delivery groups from the same catalog and assign the users to both delivery groups. Answer: AD All 164 Citrix 1Y0-201 Exam Dumps Questions are the New Checked and Updated! 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