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Under which two situations does the dead space reclamation feature VAAI Thin Provisioning offer the ability to reclaim blocks of a thin provisional LUN on a array? (Choose two)

A.    When a virtual machine is migrated to a different datastore.
B.    When a guest OS files in a virtual disk are deleted.
C.    When a virtual machine is migrated to a different host.
D.    When a virtual disk is deleted.

Answer: AD

An administrator is attempting to deploy a virtual machine from an existing template, but deploy Virtual Machine from this template menu option is unavailable.
What are two reasons this issue would occur? (Choose two)

A.    The template has not been stored in the proper format
B.    The vSphere Client is connected to an ESXi host
C.    The template is listed as Orphaned
D.    The administrator is using the vSphere Web Client

Answer: BC

Click the Exhibit Button. The information shown in the exhibit must be configured to support which cluster feature?


A.    HA
B.    DPM
C.    DRS
D.    EVC

Answer: B

An administrator is performing maintenance on a storage array used by a DRS cluster. The administrator wants to disable alarm actions for the cluster while the maintenance is taking place.
What procedure will accomplish this task?

A.    Go to the alarms tab for each ESXi host in the DRS cluster. Locate storage-related alarms.
Right click and disable each alarm
B.    Right-click the DRS cluster and select Alarm and Disable Alarm Actions
C.    Right-click the datacenter containing the DRS cluster. Select Alarm Disable Alarm Actions
D.    Go to the alarms tab for the datacenter containing DRS cluster. Locate the storage-related alarms.
Right-click and disable each alarm

Answer: B

An administrator has been tasked with creating a vSphere Standard Switch (vSS) for an ESXi host with the following specifications:

1. 116 virtual machines will be connected to the switch,
2. The switch wall have four uplinks configured for port-based load balancing.
3. The switch will act as a secondary heartbeat network for HA.

Which two statements are true about this configuration? (Choose two)

A.    The configuration requires a Service Console Port
B.    The configuration requires a VMkernel Port
C.    A vSS created with default settings in the vSphere Client is insufficient for this configuration
D.    A vSS created with 128 ports using the vSphere CLI is sufficient for this configuration

Answer: BC

What is a valid example of a vSphere Update Manager upgrade?

A.    A VMware Tools upgrade on a Fault Tolerant machine with automatic snapshots.
B.    Upgrading and patching multiple ESXi hosts simultaneously in a selected cluster.
C.    Upgrading an ESX 4.1 host to ESXi 5.x with a sufficent boot partition.
D.    An ESXi 5.x host update with automatically deleted snapshots.

Answer: C

Which is an important benefit provided by VLANs?

A.    Reduced hardware requirements
B.    Increased broadcast traffic
C.    Fault tolerance
D.    Increased security on a network segment

Answer: A
VLANs are virtual local area networks. They significantly reduce costs by saving money that can be spent on the purchase of switches, hubs and routers.

Before upgrading an ESXi host to vSphere 5.x from vSphere 4.x, which three actions should be taken? (Choose three.)

A.    Update vCenter from 4.x to 5.x
B.    Convert any Service Console port to Management.
C.    Add an updated license to the host
D.    Update vSphere 4.x licenses using the VMware License Portal
E.    Verify the intended host is compatible with vSphere 5.x

Answer: ADE

Recently, a storage interface card in an ESXi 5.x host has been experiencing inconsistent connectivity states.
Which two methods can be used to quickly identify the issue and immediately notify an administrator so that the issue can be resolved? (Choose two.)

A.    Set up an alarm with the Lost Storage Path trigger to send an email for notification when the connection
is lost.
B.    Set up an alarm with the Lost Storage Connectivity trigger to send an email for notification when the
connection is lost.
C.    Set up an alarm with the Storage Redundancy Degraded trigger and configure an SNMP trap for
notification when the connection is lost.
D.    Set up an alarm with the Lost Storage Connectivity trigger and configure an SNMP trap for
notification when the connection is lost.

Answer: BD

The VMware vCenter Server Virtual Appliance (vCSA) offers many features of the Windows application version.
Which of the following features is only available on the Windows application version of vCenter?

A.    Host Profiles
B.    Template and clone customization
C.    Active Directory authentication
D.    IPv6

Answer: D
http://www.vmware.com/support/vsphere5/doc/vsp_vc50_u1a_rel_notes.html ?vCenter Server Virtual Appliance does not support IPv6 Although the vCenter Server Virtual Appliance Web console has an option to configure IPv6, vCenter Server Virtual Appliance does not support IPv6 configuration.Workaround: Do not set or change IPv6 configuration on the vCenter Server Virtual Appliance Web console.

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