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New Question
Which number range is allocated to private Autonomous Systems by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority?

A. 65535 to 65545
B. 64535 to 64536
C. 64512 to 65535
D. 65535 to 66001
E. 63512 to 64535

Answer: C

New Question
Which of the following commands would be used to prevent a switchport from processing Bridge Protocol Data Units?

A. switch(config)#bpdu filter enable
B. switch(config)#no bpdu enable
C. switch(config-if)#spanning-tree bpdufilter enable
D. switch(config-if)#no spanning-tree bpdu filter enable
E. switch(config-if)#spanning-tree bpdu guard

Answer: C

New Question
Which commands will configure the spanning tree operating mode that can group multiple VLANs in a single domain?

A. switch(config)#spanning-tree mode pvst
B. switch(config)#spanning-tree mode rstp
C. switch(config)#spanning-tree mode rapid-pvst
D. switch(config)#spanning-tree mode mst
E. switch(config)#spanning-tree mode mst-plus

Answer: D

New Question
A customer has created a new VLAN for the subnet that was allocated to them. Computers on the subnets can ping their default gateway, but they cannot ping devices in the other subnet. What is most likely the problem?

A. Firewall on the Provider Edge is blocking access
B. InterVLAN routing is not configured
C. BGP has not been configured with the Provider Edge router
D. VLAN Switched Virtual Interface is in a down state

Answer: B

New Question
Which command configures a switchport to connect only a host device in VLAN 301?

A. switchport access vlan 301
B. switchport mode trunk vlan 301
C. switchport mode access vlan 301
D. switchport vlan 301

Answer: A

New Question
Which two commands are required to configure an access port for both voice VLAN 20 and data VLAN 30? (Choose two.)

A. switchport mode access 30
B. switchport data vlan 30
C. switchport access data 20
D. switchport access data 30
E. switchport access vlan 30
F. switchport mode voice 20
G. switchport voice vlan 20

Answer: EG

New Question
Refer to the exhibit. Which three commands are required on interface fastethernet 5/6 in order to create a trunk link between another Cisco Catalyst Switch? (Choose three.)

A. no shutdown
B. switchport mode trunk
C. encapsulation trunk
D. switchport trunk encapsulation dot1Q
E. switchport trunk enable
F. no switchport
G. interface fastethernet 5/6 trunk
H. switchport trunk allow dot1Q

Answer: ABD

New Question
A customer has been allocated a new VLAN on a new Layer 3 switch. After configuring the Switched Virtual Interface, what additional two configurations are required to ensure the switch can route packets to the Internet through a gateway with IP address of (Choose two.)

A. IP default-gateway
B. IP routing
C. IP route
D. IP routing
E. IP networking

Answer: BC

New Question
Refer to the partial Cisco IOS-XR configuration. What is the purpose of the for PFX to PEER command?
mpls ldp
for PFX to PEER
!<output omitted>

A. To selectively enable LDP peering(s) with specific neighbors
B. To selectively disable LDP peering(s) with specific neighbors
C. To perform outbound filtering for local label advertisement for one or more prefixes to one or
more peers
D. To perform inbound filtering for local label advertisement for one or more prefixes from one or
more peers

Answer: C

New Question
What does the command ‘rep admin vlan 100’ accomplish?

A. confines flooding of REP messages to VLAN 100
B. reserves REP admin VLAN to 100 so that no REP messages are sent on VLAN 100
C. forces VLAN 100 into a REP block state
D. this is an invalid command

Answer: A

New Question
After configuring Q-in-Q on a new interface, the customer has requested that the IOS version and remote model also be viewable via the trunk. What additional command would need to be applied to both sides of the Q-in-Q trunk?

A. l2protocol-tunnel cdp
B. l2protocol-tunnel stp
C. l2protocol-tunnel vtp
D. l2protocol-tunnel lldp
E. l2protocol-tunnel odr

Answer: A


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