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Click the Exhibit button.
cl01::> net int show -¬vserver
(network interface show)
Logical Status Network
Current Current Is
Vserver Interface Admin/Oper
Address/Mask Node Port Home
———– ——— ——
—- —————— —–
——- —— —-
fc_lif1 up/up
cl01-01 3a true
fc_lif2 up/up
cl01-02 3a true
lif1 up/up
cl01-01 a0a true
lif2 up/up
cl01-02 a0a true
4 entries were displayed.
Referring to the exhibit, a customer needs to move LIF “fc_lif1” to a new port.
Which three actions must be performed to accomplish this task? (Choose three.)

A.    Remove LIF from the existing portset.
B.    Quiesce all hosts accessing LUNs over the LIF.
C.    Take the LIF offline.
D.    Update the switch zone to include the new WWPN.
E.    Move the LIF to a new home port using thenetwork interface modifycommand.

Answer: CDE

In a 4-node cluster, how many LIFs are required on each node to allow a host to use ALUA and have multiple optimized paths to each LUN?

A.    1
B.    2
C.    4
D.    6

Answer: B

Click the Exhibit button.
cl01::>lun resize ¬-vserver
svm1 ¬-volume db1_vol -¬lun db1
-size 4096g
Error: command failed: New
size exceeds this LUN’s
initial geometry
What is the reason for the error shown in the exhibit?

A.    The LUN is thin provisioned, but the parent volume is thick provisioned and cannot satisfy the request.
B.    The aggregate over commitment threshold has been exceeded.
C.    The parent volume that contains the LUN is out of space.
D.    The LUN cannot be grown past its maximum resize size.

Answer: D

You are asked to configure the Service Processor on a newly installed node, and must verify the following command:
system-service processor network modify ¬-node local ¬-address-family IPv4 –enable true
-ip-address -¬netmask
Which statement about this command is true?

A.    -nodeshould reference the actual node name.
B.    The gateway IP address is missing.
C.    The Link Local IP Address is missing.
D.    IPv6 is required for the SP.

Answer: A

Inside of an SVM, an iSCSI IP address is defined on which object?

A.    qtree
B.    LUN
C.    LIF
D.    node part

Answer: C

Which protocol allows to access a controller’s CLI interface?

A.    SSH
B.    NTP
C.    TFTP
D.    IMAP

Answer: A
https://library.netapp.com/ecm/ecm_download_file/ECMP1196798(page 11)

Microsoft ODX supports which scenario on clustered Data ONTAP 8.3?

A.    moving a VHDX with both SMB 3.0 and SAN protocols as either source or destination
B.    moving a VHDX from an SMB 3.0 source to an SMB 3.0 destination with no SAN support
C.    moving a VHDX from a SAN LUN source to a SAN LUN destination with no SMB support
D.    moving a VHDX with both SMB 2.1 and SAN protocols as either source or destination

Answer: A

You are zoning a fabric for a clustered Data ONTAP storage system.
After cabling, you see the following addresses logged into the fabric:
What should be included in the zone configuration?

A.    50:0a:09:83:8d:b1:ce:c3 and the initiator WWNN
B.    50:0a:09:83:8d:b1:ce:c3 and the initiator WWPN
C.    20:04:00:a0:98:16:db:9c and the initiator WWPN
D.    20:04:00:a0:98:16:db:9c and the initiator WWNN

Answer: C

A customer is experiencing slower than expected performance on a database connected to an iSCSI LUN. They are surprised that performance has decreased even though they have upgraded from a 1 GB to a 10 GB switch.
What are three causes for this problem? (Choose three.)

A.    Spanning Tree is incorrectly configured on the cluster nodes.
B.    There is a faulty cable or SFP in the data path.
C.    There is an MTU mismatch between the hosts, controllers, and switch.
D.    Flow control is incorrectly set on either the host or controllers.
E.    Routing is not set up between the iSCSI and cluster networks.

Answer: ABC

Click the Exhibit button.
A customer has deployed a new FAS8080EX running clustered Data ONTAP 8.3.
Host A is running multipath software that has been properly configured.
Also, Host A is currently accessing a LUN using the FC protocol stored on Node A.
Switch A, shown in the exhibit, fails.
What will happen next?

A.    Node A will panic causing a storage failover to Node B.
B.    Host A will lose all access to its LUN.
C.    Host A will continue to access its LUN using Switch B through Node B.
D.    Host A will continue to access its LUN using Switch B through Node A.

Answer: B


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