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Drag and Drop Question
You are converting an existing ASP.NET web application to use the Azure Active Directory (AD) Access Control service for authentication. The application will authenticate users by using their Yahoo account credentials.
You need to determine the correct payload for each stage of the authentication process.
What should you do? To answer, drag the appropriate payload format to the correct location on the dialog box. Each payload format may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.

Hotspot Question
You have a cloud service that runs an external process that is named MyStartupTask.cmd.
The cloud service runs this external process when the web role starts.
The external process writes information to the Windows registry.
You set the value of an environment variable named MyID to the deployment ID for the current web role instance.
The external process must complete writing the information to the Windows registry before the web role starts to accept web traffic.
You need to configure the cloud service.
How should you complete the relevant markup? To answer, select the appropriate option or options in the answer area.

Hotspot Question
You have an Azure SQL Database named Contosodb. Contosodb is running in the Standard/S2 tier and has a service level objective of 99 percent.
You review the service tiers in Microsoft Azure SQL Database as well as the results of running performance queries for the usage of the database for the past week as shown in the exhibits. (Click the Exhibits button.)
For each of the following statements, select Yes if the statement is true. Otherwise, select No.

You manage a virtual Windows Server 2012 web server that is hosted by an on-premises Windows Hyper-V server. You plan to use the virtual machine (VM) in Azure.
You need to migrate the VM to Azure Storage to add it to your repository.
Which Azure Power Shell cmdlet should you use?

A.    Import-AzureVM
B.    New-AzureVM
C.    Add-AzureDisk
D.    Add-AzureWebRole
E.    Add-AzureVhd

Answer: C

Your company network has two physical locations configured in a geo-clustered environment. You create a Blob storage account in Azure that contains all the data associated with your company.
You need to ensure that the data remains available in the event of a site outage.
Which storage option should you enable?

A.    Locally redundant storage
B.    Geo-redundant storage
C.    Zone-redundant storage
D.    Read-only geo-redundant storage

Answer: D
Introducing Read-only Access to Geo Redundant Storage (RA-GRS):
RA-GRS allows you to have higher read availability for your storage account by providing “read only” access to the data replicated to the secondary location. Once you enable this feature, the secondary location may be used to achieve higher availability in the event the data is not available in the primary region. This is an “opt-in” feature which requires the storage account be geo-replicated.

You manage several Azure virtual machines (VMs).
You create a custom image to be used by employees on the development team.
You need to ensure that the custom image is available when you deploy new servers.
Which Azure Power Shell cmdlet should you use?

A.    Update-AzureVMImage
B.    Add-AzureVhd
C.    Add-AzureVMImage
D.    Update-AzureDisk
E.    Add-AzureDataDisk

Answer: C
The Add-AzureVMImage cmdlet adds an operating system image to the image repository.
The image should be a generalized operating system image, using either Sysprep for Windows or, for Linux, using the appropriate tool for the distribution.
This example adds an operating system image to the repository.
Windows PowerShell
C:\PS>Add-AzureVMImage -ImageName imageName -MediaLocation http://yourstorageaccount.blob.core.azure.com/container/sampleImage.vhd -Label


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