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A small business currently has four separate servers, three of which perform low-overhead tasks with small memory footprints. How could the company BEST reduce power consumption among these four servers, while not sacrificing functionality?

A.    Enable each server’s Cool ‘n’ Quiet and/orSpeedStep functionality so that processing power is conserved.
B.    Enforce auto-shutdown routines on all four servers for after-hours power saving while the office is closed.
C.    Consolidate the four servers onto the best two, combining them logically by tasks and memory consumption.
D.    Consolidate the four servers onto the most powerful machine using virtualization.

Answer: D

A company is currently using multiple, small laser jet printers at various locations in the room. Management would like to decrease the number of printers in use and save on paper. Which of the following could be implemented to meet all of the managements needs?

A.    Reduce the number of printers by half and then install duplexing units to save on toner and paper costs.
B.    Remove all current laser printers and install fewer centralized laser units that can handle higher volume and have duplex printing.
C.    Remove all current laser printers and replace them with centralized laser printers that have fusers capable of double-sided printing.
D.    Remove all current laser printers and install centralized ink jet units. Ink jet printers are all duplex capable and the ink lasts longer.

Answer: B

Which of the following term is used for any small mobile hand-held device that provides computing, information storage and retrieval capabilities for business or personal use?

A.    Pen drive
B.    SocketShield
C.    Solid-state drive
D.    Personal Digital Assistant

Answer: D

Which of the following can be used to centralize the user computing environment to reduce power?

A.    Multiport switch
B.    Terminal services
C.    Replace CAT5 with fiber
D.    KVM

Answer: B

Which of the following printer settings can be used to reduce paper usage?

A.    Draft quality
B.    Cover pages
C.    Duplex printing
D.    Color quality

Answer: C

CPU power saving settings can be accessed within which of the following?

A.    Desktop settings
B.    System BIOS
C.    Monitor settings
D.    POST

Answer: B

Which of the following methods consolidates computer footprints by running additional operating systems, platforms or applications within a single CPU or machine?

A.    Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (APCI)
B.    Multi-core CPU
C.    Virtualization
D.    Over-clocking

Answer: C

Which of the following network connections allows a remote worker to securely access internal documents and applications?

A.    SMTP
B.    Virtualization software
C.    FTP
D.    VPN

Answer: D
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